Some of your Questions:

Q. Can I use a vertically oriented display?

Yes. Both vertical and horizontal.

Q. Do I need to have a stable Internet connection on my screen?

Not very necessary, internet connection speed will only determine the content upload time and update time of the player. You just need a good internet connection when it will update content (upload / edit content, change / edit template). If the content has been downloaded by the player then the player will run offline without need internet connection.

Q. Does the content continue to flow from the internet, or are files stored / cached on the device and played from there?

Most images and videos will be stored on the device, and therefore only require an internet connection and / or use the bandwidth when first played. After that, they will be played directly from the device itself.

Q. Where are my uploads saved?

All the content you upload is stored on our well-verified cloud servers.

Q. Can I make a viewing schedule of content I've uploaded?

You can set the start and finish times (hours and dates) of each template or a mixture of templates, which in the template can be filled by content variations. Any content contained in the template can be determined how long it will appear.

Q. Is it possible to centrally manage screens / displays, all from one location?

Yes, you can have multiple displays in various locations and manage them by logging in to our web app or mobile apps from wherever you are.

Q. Can I get some kind of statistics inside my personal account?

Yes, through our CMS web app (Panelo Panel) to view various statistical data logs

Q. Does your service support some kind of HTML5 interactive content?

Yes. Panelo support HTML5 and CSS 3.

Q. What video formats / formats, images and documents do you support?

Video format : MP4, MPG and AVI (MS Windows), Images format : PNG, JPG, Documents : TXT

Q. Can I show websites that are private / only available internally within my company?


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