Ready Template

Panelo provide ready template to use based on your industry.
Just pick up your template and you can instantly running the content.
No need to modify the template, just change the content.

Ready Live Streaming

You have live events and want to display to your Digital Signage?
Panelo provide ready live streaming with our ecosystem.
But if you want to get live streaming from Youtube,
SignageGo will connected perfectly.

Connect Social Media

Now is social media era.
You can connect Panelo with Facebook timeline and Twitter timeline.
Know your audiens respond in social media with Digital Signage.

Manage From Everywhere

Manage easily with Mobile Apps
and manage profesional with Web Based CMS Cloud

Content Market Place

Marketplace is a digital store to sell
template and apps ini Panelo environtment. A series of simple template and apps
to help you get content up onto their screens.

Works Offline

Panelo uses caching to ensure that
if your connection is down your content can still be displayed.

Any Screen Ready

Panelo offers functionality to display content
in either portrait, landscape modes, kiosk and interactive.
Layer news, weather and more over your content
to create informative signage system.


All content can manage with scheduler.
You can prepare running schedule and you can monitor easily.

Powerful Insight

If you have many location or you are advertising company,
Panelo has advertising engine. It manage your location,
your client and your content schedule time easily.

Centralize Monitoring

You can monitor your Digital Signage through Dashboard and System Monitoring.
Panelo provide vital data to makes sure you know your system better.

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